My name is Undine and I am a university student at a small liberal arts institution in the southern United States. I am a conservative feminist, which many would say is an oxymoron, but here I am! I love writing and reading anything I can get my hands on; I am addicted to information. I love languages, especially French. I want to travel the world, yet, ironically, I am a homebody. Just seeing a dog makes my day. Playing with one makes my week.  I am often quite confused by life, but when it comes to tangible information, I’m your girl!  I have hopes, dreams, and desires, but no idea how to fulfill them. 

I started this blog because I feel that there are aspects of me that I can’t really share with my close friends, but want to share with someone, anyone. Please comment to introduce yourself, let me know of something I may be interested in, or just to say hi! I hope y’all enjoy reading my blog!

Welcome to my journey!


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